Article - Business services and advice for medical practitioners

Business services and advice for medical practitioners

Healthcare practitioners have very specific business support needs. We offer extensive specialist knowledge and years of experience in the healthcare sector. Whether you are looking for support with your accounts or financial statements, in tax matters or in compiling data, such as MAS (Medical Ambulatory Structure) and RoKo (rolling cost study) statistics.

These days, there are many different forms of medical practice. We have experience with different medical practice models, such as solo-practising doctors and group practices and the delegated model in psychotherapy.

Möchten Sie Ihre Praxis in eine Aktiengesellschaft umwandeln? Oder brauchen Sie Unterstützung bei einer Umstrukturierung oder Neugründung? Wir sind mit unserem Knowhow für Sie da. Unsere Experten beraten Sie auch gerne bei Finanzierungsfragen oder bei der Finanzplanung generell.

We can also support you in looking after your staff (medical practice assistants and administrators).

Tailored to your situation – whether you are buying or selling

On top of the day-to-day running of your practice and compliance with all the applicable regulations, we know that you will have to deal with some major events from time to time. We offer the professional support you need to make the right decisions, take the necessary actions and embark with confidence on the next stage in your journey.

Acquiring a medical practice?

Is your medical practice about to pass to the next generation or facing a commercial takeover? We can advise you on drawing up a business plan and carrying out your financial planning, right through to the actual takeover and all its tax considerations.

Selling a practice?

Are you retiring soon or taking a new career direction? We can guide you through the sale and advise you on the tax implications.

Planning to open your own practice?

Are you setting up a new practice and looking for support with the planning? We can support you with your financial planning and make you aware of the various pitfalls.

The following questions are central to the success of your medical practice:

Choosing the right structure – sole trader or company limited by shares (AG)?
We would be pleased to explore the advantages and disadvantages of a transformation with you.

Start a new practice or acquire an existing one?
When you establish a practice from scratch, you build up your own base of patients and decide what direction to take. Buying an existing practice gives you an established patient list and structure.

Solo or group practice?
A group practice enables you to unlock synergies, share and deepen knowledge, and potentially reduce your workload. The key benefit of practising alone is that you are at liberty to make all your own decisions.

Because we have specialist knowledge of the healthcare sector, we are able to provide you with in-depth advice.

Our services for doctors and other medical practitioners

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