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Plan for the future, today 

Are you planning to take early retirement? Are you concerned about financial security and want to know whether your resources will be enough for retirement? Would you like to know how you would be covered in the event of disability? Are you self-employed and looking for a pension solution? 

If you are grappling with these or similar questions, we are here to help with the following services:

Financial and pension planning

Financial planning allows you to see how your expenses, income and assets will develop both leading up to your retirement and in the years that follow. We take into account your personal needs, life goals and expectations to give you an overview of your income and asset situation, and how this will develop. Among other things, we can address, plan and implement steps for the following issues at an early stage:

  • Analysing income and assets from employment to retirement
  • Planning for early retirement
  • Calculating future pension assets
  • Analysing pension or lump-sum withdrawals from the pension fund
  • Tax planning (e.g. for purchases into the pension fund, payments into pillar 3a, planned property maintenance, etc.)
  • Staggered payment of pension assets

Pension analysis

A pension analysis provides insight as to whether your replacement income will be sufficient in the event of incapacity to work due to illness or accident, as well as what benefits surviving dependants will receive in the event of your death. We know that people’s lives are constantly changing (starting a business, starting a family, buying your own home, retirement, etc.), which is why it is essential to prepare an optimal pension analysis and to recognise the importance of taking action at an early stage.

Among other services, we can perform the following for you:

  • Analyse your income situation in the event of various risk events (disability or death due to illness or accident) and identify pension gaps
  • Analyse your replacement income as a self-employed person or company owner and obtain quotations for daily sickness allowance (sick pay), accident insurance or a pension fund


Have we caught your interest? Our team is happy to offer you advice that is aligned with your needs and to help identify the right solution for you.


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