Article - Business consulting and succession planning

Business consulting and succession planning

Our business consulting services cover everything from setting up a new business to buying and selling companies or parts of companies, and undertaking transformations and restructurings.

We can advise you on investments and how to finance them, and on drawing up a budget and liquidity plan for a set period. We undertake company restructurings and liquidations and can assist with organising or reorganising your accounting systems.

When consulting, we take a comprehensive approach and carefully analyse your company so as to add value for you. This includes optimising the position held by the company owner in terms of tax, pensions and inheritance.

We can also work with you to prepare your corporate succession, taking into account the business’s interests and those of its owner. We can support you with your company valuation, planning and implementation, and with matters relating to contracts and finances.

We offer advice and support on inheritance-related matters, be that drafting inheritance tax declarations and tax declarations for as yet undistributed inheritances, divisions of inheritance, or inheritance agreements and wills.

We also bring to bear our wealth of experience in supporting you through or leading talks with lenders, investors, etc.


marco michel

«We take a holistic approach to supporting our clients, tailored to the specific market conditions»

Marco Michel, member of the board of directors

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